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Pharmaceutical Injection
Pharmaceutical injection are used to inject liquid medicine in the body through needle. As the physical form is liquid that makes them highly soluble and rapid in their action.
Pharmaceutical Capsules
Pharmaceutical capsules contain drugs in powder form in hard and soft shells that are easily soluble by human body. They are easy to consume by simply swallowing them with water. These can be used to treat various health problems.
Pharmaceutical Products
Pharmaceutical products are the curing agents that are used to prevent diseases. They can be available in different physical forms such as solid, liquid and powder. These products are highly effective and can show their effects rapidly.

Pharmaceutical Syrup
Pharmaceutical syrup are medicine in liquid form with high solubility. These are used to treat dis- functioning of body organs such as liver, kidney etc. They are sugar free and is also suitable for diabetic person.
Pharmaceutical Tablets
Pharmaceutical tablets are solid form of medicine and are available in compact shapes. They are well proportioned form of drugs and is mostly suitable for adults. These are easily soluble and are free from bad effects.
Pharmaceutical Drops
Pharmaceutical drops are general medicines in liquid form and are used with the help of droppers.
They are suitable for every age group and safe to use(as prescribed by doctor's).

Herbal Products
Herbal products can be used to tackle many health related problems such as skin itching, hair fall, dandruff, acne etc. They are made from extracts of natural plants and herbs and free from side effects.
PCDc Pharma Services
The PCDc Pharma Services are made available by us for use in the various commercial and personal uses. They are very efficient and help in providing the better medical consultancy and medicines. 

The offered Pediatric medicines are made available by us for the treatment of the various medical conditions in children. They are very safe for consumption and made available in easy to consume tablet forms.

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